spiritual to practical

personal empowerment and coach training program

This dynamic experiential training offers a profound shift in your own life experience, while providing you with practical skills and tools to empower those you serve to discover and live their full potential: learning how to create stepping stones out of obstacles.

The problems that we are facing today, whether individually or collectively, can only be addressed from a spiritual level. What is distinct about this program is that, based on universal spiritual principles, it provides the skills and tools to find solutions at the practical level.

As service oriented individuals, our own life experiences, growth and discovery provide the platform, possibilities and limitations to our efforts in facilitating meaningful and impactful change in the lives of those we serve. Therefore this program has a two-fold purpose:

  1. It provides practical & mental tools, raises awareness, and brings out the human qualities innate within YOU which affect every area of your own life.
  2. It equips you to bring those practical tools with ease into your field of service, contributing to the progress of others and to the betterment of the world.

who is this training for? +

- professionals in helping fields

- established or aspiring coaches

- individuals who want to have a meaningful impact on those they serve

what you will gain +

The purpose of this training is for you to gain hope in your own circumstances so you can bring hope to those you serve.

In this dynamic experiential training you will:

  • gain awareness and knowledge about the nuances of human relationships
  • find empowerment to make choices that transform your relationships, as you learn how to distinguish between the forces of your higher and lower nature
  • discover how to change your impact on yourself and others as you learn what you have control over and what is outside of your sphere of control or responsibility
  • learn how to develop your capacity -- your human qualities -- to respond to and overcome insurmountable circumstances
  • strengthen your unique connection with your divine source, and re-examine every relationship in that light
  • begin to align your life, actions, and habits with a higher purpose as you heal and become whole
  • develop your communication skills that are conducive to the benefit of ALL involved

while you will also:

  • learn powerful experiential and transformational coaching skills and tools
  • gain practical experience in how to become a catalyst for others to find their answers in light of THEIR own unique relationship with the divine
  • build more capacity to bring spiritual concepts into your practice
  • find meaning and purpose in trauma or insurmountable circumstances
  • increase your ability to embrace and explore a wider range of emotional states with those you serve
  • learn how to support those you serve to move from being stuck to being able to create meaningful contributions
our approach +

This program has been designed to provide the time, space, and support structure that is needed to learn knowledge and skills, and then integrate them into practice.

Our program’s emphasis is on active, participatory learning. It affords many opportunities for experiential training as well as creative and diverse opportunities to assimilate the learning in small and large groups. A unique feature of our program is the use of artistic exercises to enhance our understanding of concepts. (no artistic experience necessary)

We believe in a collective learning process. To that end, we are creating not just a program that offers long-term learning and support but also spaces to come back to, in which to reflect and consult, and generate new learning.

methodology +

1.  Coaching tools will be demonstrated by the facilitator and practiced in pairs by the participants.

- a coaching tool will be introduced

- the facilitator will demonstrate the tool by coaching a volunteer from amongst the participants

- participants will break into dyads and coach each other in 2 rounds. Therefore every individual gets to be the coach in one round, and the coachee in another round

- we will debrief in the large group to gain further understanding of the tool and its potential

2.  Some coaching exercises will be experienced as a group, for example

- a principle will be introduced

- the facilitator will take the group on a silent guided exercise

- each individual is processing their own circumstances in light of the experiential exercise, arriving at higher levels of awareness and choice

- we will debrief in the large group

3.  Some courses use an art activity, designed by a professional visual artist, to process, explore and further understand concepts presented. (no artistic experience necessary)

confidentiality and privacy +

will I have to expose my circumstances?


the method of coaching and the exercises are designed in such a way that you will not divulge the circumstances of your challenges. We get to hear and share the wisdom we glean from the exercises without talking about the 'story.'

framework +

We hold these fundamental assumptions: While we are unique individual human beings, the greater truth is oneness. The purpose of our lives has two inseparable aspects -- to develop human qualities as an individual and to contribute to the advancement of the larger world. A quick glance over history reveals both a humanity cruel, corrupt, and exploitative; and yet at times noble, altruistic, generous and creative . These extremes shed light on the dual nature of the human being: the “lower nature” and the “higher nature.” While the lower nature can be the expression of millions of years of evolution, the higher nature constitutes true reality. The source of the higher nature is the Divine. Without alignment with the Divine we will be unable to fulfill our vast potential and affect positive change in the world. True progress, however, only can occur when the higher nature (some call it spirituality) works in concert with science. When we align our thoughts and actions with the boundless source of the Divine, we become capable of bringing great transformation to ourselves, to others, and to seemingly unchangeable circumstances. There is, of course, much to learn about this process, and the Centre for Human Progress is committed to this learning process.

schedule, location & fees +

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testimonials +

Saba facilitated this training with tremendous display of expert knowledge and encouraging spirit. She continually brought us back to the essence of what was most important, which I describe as a humble and loving posture of learning.

Brian Crowley, Tianjin, China

I have used several of the tools in my practice and as I gain skill, I’m using them with increasing frequency. For those who focus on cognitive processing and discount the importance of feelings, this method can assist them to value feelings as an important source of information.

Kandice Christian, PA-C, MPH

This training was in the top three experiences that I have had in the past 20 years of programs designed to inspire people to take greater control over their life, and I have attended many!!

John Sutton, Beijing, China

Saba is a brilliant trainer! Having done training myself for 35+ years, her passion and skill were inspiring and delightful to behold. Her ability to “tune into” the energy of the group and respond with just the right activity, reflection or humor was remarkable. Saba’s genuineness creates the trusting atmosphere that is essential to this type of training.

Kandice Christian, Beijing, China

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You will discover more meaningful ways of being and showing up in the world. From this new vantage point, you will be able to take profound, sustainable actions that create a tangible difference in your own life and in the lives of those you serve.